Hoffman has been providing testing to the lighting industry for more than 60 years and specifically the night vision industry for over 40 years.  Supported by its state of the art in-house lighting test laboratory Hoffman introduced the first totally integrated image intensifier test set and carries on this proud tradition today with its test equipment being utilized by the US Armed forces and in over 25 countries.  

Lighting by the LC Doane Company has withstood the worst environments and toughest abuse onboard U.S. naval vessels since 1947. Engineering and manufacturing quality heavy-duty fixtures, we set the standards for today’s submarine and surface ship lighting. Navy fixtures are First Article qualified for shock, vibration, closure, noise, lumen maintenance and other conditions for combat readiness.

Utilizing our experience with shipboard lighting we have been building tough, reliable lights for other demanding environments including industrial, correctionalinstitutional and commercial marine.

Founded in 2006, IR Tools™  protects the Military and Law Enforcement communities with premium IR (infrared) Identifications products. 

We custom design and manufacture IR patches, panels, and markers to protect soldiers and police from accidents and friendly casualties. 

Protecting those who protect us is why we do what we do. We believe the men and women who take the risks every day, deserve to return home to their loved ones.

Beginning with the design of the first breathing regulator used in US manned spaceflight, Cobham has unique pedigree in developing state-of-the-art oxygen regulators for a variety of applications and mission profiles. Used in a variety of configurations including cockpit panel, ejection seat, chest, and mask mounted, are specifically designed for a wide range of inlet pressures, environmental conditions and mission applications. 

Drawn from heritage in manned spaceflight, Cobham regulators have kept astronauts, pilots, aircrew and passengers safe for decades and are designed to accommodate vastly diverse mission profiles.  A single Cobham regulator can deliver oxygen to one person or up to 100 people.  Regardless of the mission, Cobham has either an off-the-shelf solution or can custom design an oxygen regulator to satisfy any customer requirement.

At Dynalec, our focus is on quality. We bring to your project the highly skilled work force, modern facilities, and best practices of Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control that have earned us a reputation for excellence of design and workmanship.

We also bring more than 30 years of successful engineering and manufacturing in a military environment. All this adds up to products that can withstand the toughest conditions, and that continue to perform for years to come.

Since 1989, Yankee engineers have been focused on solving some of the most difficult measuring problems known to man, including global warming, acid rain, and ozone depletion. Our instrumentation products help solve some of your most difficult challenges in temperature and moisture, atmospheric radiation and remote automated weather observation.

King Nutronics Corporation is the leader in pressure, temperature, torque, and force measurement for the Defense, Aircraft, Avionics, Petrochemical, and Utility industries. The accuracy and durability of our instruments, used daily in the punishing environments encountered by the United States Armed Forces, NASA, and other demanding clients worldwide, is legendary.

All products manufactured by King Nutronics Corporation undergo rigorous environmental testing. Our portable instruments are housed in rugged aluminum and thermoplastic cases that are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to salt spray, moisture, dust, and other conditions frequently encountered in shipboard, submarine, hangar, and outdoor environments.

A lot has happened since we began operation in 1951 and developed the beam-power Pentode tube, but at Penta Laboratories our core mission has remained unchanged: To provide a premium product and do our very best to assure customer satisfaction by delivering an exceptional level of service.

To this day we maintain an inventory of thousands of tubes and other parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, medical, broadcast, scientific, military and high performance audio.  And equally important is the fact that our Machlett Division is a world-leader in the food processing market with microwave ovens, parts, upgrades and service, as well as for other commercial applications where high power microwave energy is required.

Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets. Esterline management views the company’s businesses in three segments related to its set of core competencies: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems, and Advanced Materials.

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