In  1989, Electrician, and specialised electrical and electronic systems maintenance technician, Mr Tony Gangemi identified the need for Australian Armed Forces to have access to technical knowledge and research capability within their procurement cells.

After successfully liaising with Engineers and Purchasing Officers, Aero & Military Products Pty Ltd was formed – a company specifically designed to be able to assist with technical information and be structured to make a procurement simple and efficient for the buyer.

From humble beginnings in a home office, the company has now outgrown two other office buildings and is presently located in a custom built facility in Hallam, Victoria, on the outskirts of Melbourne – with a recently completed expansion that allows for further capabilities.

Since its inception, the company has successfully been involves in many major Defence projects, worked closely with prime and sub-prime contractors, other Government Departments and major companies.

Aero & Military Products’ abilities have also been recognised by a number of leading overseas companies, and proud to act as their exclusive Australian agents to distribute, promote and provide support for their product ranges.

Now, Tony has further enhanced both his technical and business skills to assemble a team and build a successful supply company that can not only provide regular customer support, but operate within the framework of specialised Defence Projects, in a secure facility.

We welcome your enquiries. 

Night Vision

  • Liaised with CASA and the US State Department to implement and supply the use of night vision goggles and modified cockpits.
  • Liaised with the US State Department to allow Australia to access the highest performance NVG tubes.
  • Assisted in the marketing and introduction of L3’s PVS-31 night vision goggles which resulted in the successful awarding of the LAND 53 contract.
  • Introduced leading edge “Pinnacle” night vision goggles for our FA-18 Hornets, thus becoming the first country outside of the USA to share the same technology.
  • Upgraded the Army, Air Force and New Zealand Defence Force’s Hoffman Engineering NVG Test Equipment with our purpose built laboratory.

Royal Australian Navy

  • Refitted lighting for the Navy’s fleet of heavy landing craft through our partnership with L.C Doane.
  • Liaised with Alcatel/Nexans to pioneer the unique Australian Standard A014000 low smoke, halogen free cable for shipboard use.
  • Supplied the sound powered telephone upgrade system through our partnership with Dynalec.
  • Continual support with the prime contractors for the Air Warfare Destroyer Platform.
  • Involved with the ongoing support and upgrade of the Australian FFG Fleet.

Royal Australian Air Force

  • Together in partnership with Simmonds Precision (Goodrich) at the time, introduced the upgrade to the RAAF’s fuel gauge test sets.
  • Continual calibration and serving support for the fuel gauge test sets.
  • Accommodating the overhaul for the C130J oxygen regulators in conjunction with Cobham.